Bhopal IIID to proliferate architectural practice in India after Covid-19

Bhopal. Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Bhopal Chapter held a webinar on Tuesday with the renowned architects and interior designers during a meeting on "Covid-19 pandemic- Challenges in Architecture and Interior Design fields and it's solutions".Framing the outline of the webinar, IIID Bhopal Chairperson Manoj Choubey appealed to the interior designers and manufacturers that in order to face the situation and post challenges of coronavirus pandemic, the interior production and architectural practices should be proliferated in India itself with international level quality and should be sold on fair prices in the market."While addressing a Zoom meeting, Manoj Choubey also stressed on the best and maximum use of technique and management tool in production to save valuable time and ensuring to maintain social distance in production and management of products in near future.Rishi Sahu, Secretary, IIID enunciated that "The current scenario has made us realise that we can effectively pander in the work from home for atleast three days a week as it has added an advantage of flexible schedule and custom environment and that too with zero commuting."While Treasurer of IIID Ankush Narayan Pathe said "I believe COVID 19 is an eye opener as it has made aware to be ready for more versatile way of operating our work spaces."Ravisha Merchant, Interior Designer and Chairperson, IIID says "It is time to Rethink , Reset and Recalliberate ourselves not only in our work but also in our lifestyle . The future of design will be embracing new technology,  making radicle changes in our designs and materials towards sustainable living and social responsibility."The need of hour is to have mobile offices at home and to go digital this post pandemic time.Stating about significance of cost cutting of buildings by saving cost done on ornamentations, Ar. Kamalroop Singh said "In the post covid, the building design should be planned efficiently for disaster management controls."A different type of architectural practice needs to be developed, this pandemic situation is a new opportunity. We really need to come out from fear to learning zone and finally reaching the development", shared by Architect Akshay Selukar.Manoj Adgaonkar says "We should encourage local vendors and labours to cater the market, that will ease the lead time and will boost local employment. Architect should guide and share the design to local manufacturers as well."While Roopam Sewani, Businessman, Gharana Furnishing and Ashok Gupta, Manufacturer and Distributor of Tiles and Sanitary products also articulated and negotiated on the importance of sanitization and safety during the production and marketing

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