Bhopal US President's portrait drawn with blood by Dr. Mahesh Yadav 

Peace Activist Dr.Mahesh Yadav had drawn US President Mr. Donald Trump's portrait with his own Blood firstly to give him warm welcome in India and to express his  feeling of happiness that the oldest democratic country of the world USA is a great friend of India which is the largest democracy of the world secondly to appeal him to support India in achieving UN Security Council's permanent seat as being a  peaceful and largest democratic country India deserves UN Security Council's permanent seat.Dr. Mahesh Yadav is an famous  World peace activist and is known world over for his unprecedented Blood campaign for World peace based on  Non Violence and Peaceful way of Gandhi ji, in which he utilize his own injected out Blood to draw portraits of world famous personalities, write appeals, etc. in order to raise voice for World peace. 

 Dr. Mahesh Yadav is a strong follower of Gandhian way.This Blood Appeal programme was held in New Market, T.T Nagar, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) India, in which Dr Yadav injected gout his own Blood to draw Mr. Trumps portrait with the above appeal written with Blood on it .Peace Activist Ajay Jain, Amrish Patel, Ajay Mishra and a large no. of public present there welcomed Mr Trump with  slogans of welcome in their hands.